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When you laugh, it's music to my ears.

I was born and raised in South Carolina, bless my heart.  I believe all southern girls arrive in the magnolia-lined states in three ways, safe, sweet and sassy, and I have chosen to place my emphasis on the “sassy.” I am a comedienne, humorist story-teller, Certified Laughter Leader, Bible teacher, motivational speaker and writer. Y’all, I have entertained audiences across the United States with laughter and motivational messages, but to be honest my favorite place to speak is in Hawaii…just sharing from my heart. It’s my story.

I have been entertaining and warming hearts for over 20 years, with my lighthearted humor and motivational messages.

Just to let you know a little bit about my personal journey, I am a hilarious overcomer. From overcoming an abusive childhood, being diagnosed in my teens with a crippling disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and being a 22-year Ovarian cancer survivor, I learned quickly that sorrow brings sickness while joy brings healing. My comedy routines and motivational messages of hope and inspiration will not only tickle your funny bone but bring instruction and healing to it.


“From Elizabeth Taylor, to Marilyn Monroe, to Penelope Cruz and Rihanna, red lipstick makes a statement. This cylinder tube of boldness, confidence and power makes a statement.”


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"Cherie Nettles is the real deal. She makes you laugh till your jaws hurt then shows you Jesus."

Tammy Whitehurst

Tammy Whitehurst Ministries | Gladewater, TX

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