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I don't just speak on a topic; I share my life.

We're all human beings and I love relating to groups of all kinds...from church goers to professionals, caregivers to teachers, and more. Here are some topics to get you thinking. Let's talk about your group.



Renewing your mind and transforming your life.

Positive people deliver positive results. Who doesn’t want to have positive results in life? Proverbs 23:7 teaches us that as a person thinks so he is. Do you ever feel like there is a cheer-leading squad constantly shouting in your brain? Do you have negative thought patterns and emotions constantly cheering in your mind? If so, this event is for you. In life, we must fill our minds with the positive power of the Word of God. This process is outlined in Romans 12:2 where we are called to renew our minds. Journey with me through this 3-step strategy for renewing your mind and transforming your life. Stop the roaring negative cheer-leading squad in your mind and let the word of God take control of your thinking. This speaking topic can be developed into an evening session, a conference or a retreat. What are you waiting for? We are the positive people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, and we will deliver positive results.



Your way to live, love and laugh through life.
First Corinthians 3:16 teaches us that our bodies are the Temple of God. So, we must decide that we are no longer middle-aged women putting on a few pounds… WE ARE GROWING OUR DIVINE SHRINES. Let’s not focus any longer on the age-defying product of the year that will bust your bank account. Let’s focus on Who’s we are, we are God’s, and then let’s focus on who He says we are. Did you know the Bible teaches us we are the apple of God’s eye? It’s time we put those magnifying mirrors away and look into the heart of God and let Him pour into our hearts who we are through Christ. You are beautiful and highly favored. Let’s have an evening where we can learn how to live, love and laugh through life. Get ready and bring your friends… this evening will deliver laughter with Truth. 


What to do when your emotions derail you.
Sometimes in life you just have to pull the lever to your emotional train and stop right where you are on the tracks. We have to learn to enjoy our journey. God’s Holy Word clearly teaches us in Nehemiah 8:10 that the joy of the Lord is our strength. So, what derails us? We get derailed by our own emotional train. Who is your engineer? Are you conducting your life in emotions or in Truth? Take this journey with me as we “pull the lever,” and study John 15 – abiding in Christ, and allowing Truth to navigate us back onto the joyful tracks of life. 

There is a children’s song that says, “Jonah had a big fish story. He could tell it really great.” We all have a big fish story, but can we all tell it really great? God is using our story every day to reach those around us with power and might. We have all been in the "belly of a fish," but the true story is not about the fish but how we get out. Come enjoy learning the Biblical precepts from the book of Jonah about getting out and what to do once our feet are on dry ground. We can all agree upon this – God didn’t call us to be whale bait but to be fishers of men. ​



Laughter releases endorphins into our body. Now, while most people know this fact, what people do not know is what endorphins are. Endorphins are natural painkillers and stress relievers. So, when you laugh you combat pain and relieve stress. That is beneficial for everyone especially those battling chronic illnesses. Cherie draws from her personal experience of being a Rheumatoid Arthritis patient and sixteen-year Ovarian Cancer Survivor. Cherie sees trials as an opportunity to triumph! This event will tickle your funny bone and teach you how to laugh during the loss of health. Laughter truly is medicine to your soul. Join in on this non-invasive, non-medical procedure to experience the physical benefits of laughter. Come learn how to laugh… again. Medical Science is proving over and over that laughter is medicine to your soul and Cherie Nettles is a good dose.


If laughter is medicine to the soul, this session is the perfect dose. Learning to laugh and spread joy in today’s classroom is a challenge for teachers at all levels. Laughter happens every day, but what if we could capture the positive moments to act as agents of healing and educational success? Enjoy this time of laughter, as Cherie draws from her own classroom experiences as a former middle school teacher. Cherie teaches the types of laughter in this session and uses actual classroom scenarios to deliver the message. Giving a teacher an apple can make their day. But, giving a teacher joy can bring abundance to their world.


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“Cherie delivered exactly what I asked her to deliver.”


Pat Freeman

Pathways Church | Sevierville, TN

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