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On Stage. In Person.

I, Sandy Bowers, am privileged to be the first guest blogger on Cherie’s website. I’m met Cherie through a client referral. She was in need of a graphic designer who could produce a website. A sister of one of my clients mentioned my name and Cherie called me up. Since then, I’ve had the distinct honor and pleasure of creating Cherie’s new website. We worked together for months, having a blast talking by phone and meeting online. It was an immediate connection! Shortly after her website went “live,” we met for lunch so that I meet her in person and introduce her to Janice Butler of CLC of Greenville County (CLC, another precious sister in the Lord and a nonprofit that is near and dear to my heart). I thought Cherie would be perfect to speak at their yearly Women’s Power Lunch event. So, the day I first heard Cherie speak was - you guessed it - at the Women’s Power Lunch fundraiser for Christian Learning Centers of Greenville County. I was able to attend the event on October 12, 2018 even though I had been suffering from a variety of symptoms and illnesses since about June of that year. I was SO thankful to be able to meet 4 other women at our church parking lot, pile us all into my car, and drive to the convention center. We talked, shared stories and had a great time. :-) When we got to the event, I asked where Cherie might be and they said she was behind the big black curtain – the VIP area. I left my group and went right in despite feeling somewhat uninvited. I just had to find her and give her a hug and say “hi”. She’s that kind of person who is approachable and genuine. Cherie was in the know about what was going on with me physically and she prayed for me right away. What a blessing! She shared the heart of Jesus with me that day and I just know it’s God’s love that allowed that time. The event was amazing with worshipful singing, overview about CLC...and then Cherie! Oh my goodness! Since I had designed her website and met her in person just once, I was familiar with her sweet southern style and super fun disposition. I had seen videos of her, but there’s just something about being there to experience her on stage, in person and totally in her element. Everyone in attendance that day laughed so hard...again and again. That laughter was especially needed for me at the time. It helped me me forget about the tingling, prickly feeling I was feeling in my face. Yes, that’s one of my symptoms that to this day isn’t yet resolved. But with hearing and knowing what Cherie has overcome and also experiencing God’s healing hand many times in the past, I know that HE has this! HE has me! If you haven’t yet read Cherie’s book “Growing My Divine Shrine,” it’s fabulous! I’m not a big reader, but I’ve breezed through it and her the stories have been really inspiring. I don’t just see myself at Cherie's “graphics person.” I see myself as her friend, and she as mine. I am blessed beyond measure to have her in my life.

Thanks for letting me guest-post, Cherie!


Sandy Bowers

Christ Follower and Graphic Designer

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